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We are a Mexican company established in Uruapan, Michoacán since 1983. Serving in the national market for years and exporting fresh “Hass avocado” to Central America. Exporting to the USA since 2006. Reckoning 6,500 m² for production and a total surface of 15,000 m², the latest machinery and modern equipment. In “Aguacates RV” we fulfill every phytosanitary safety and quality regulations in order to pack fresh avocados for all their destinations.

Strong values characterize our business concept, using them in our daily working process to attend our clients, producers, suppliers and our own staff properly, consolidating the best visualization for service, trust and quality in our product.

The company


Provide trustworthy, safe and quality avocados to the costumers, developing benefits for clients, providers and the company itself.


Take place as a strong exporting company in the countries with a biggest international demand, while keeping our position in the national market.


These are the pillar of our developement while working: respect, honesty, righteousness, humility, tolerance, responsibility, service, order, discipline, quality and efficiency towards clients, producers, providers, our own working staff and to all of our clients.

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